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Your Credit

It’s easy to get into bad credit. However it should not, in the opinion of GPA Phones, mean that you cannot find a decent mobile phone contract. Your credit is a fragile thing. We aim to find you a mobile phone contract without needing to have a perfect credit score.

However, even if you get a mobile phone contract then it’s not the end of the road. Your credit report is still poor. Hence we offer our advice. This advice is impartial and general. We believe that if people are using our service, they also need help restoring their credit scores. Following our advice is a sure-fire way to make sure you’ll never need to contact us again:

  1. Pay your rent on the date agreed with your landlord, and pay it in full.
  2. Pay every utility bill on the date agreed with your utility companies, and pay it in full.
  3. Always pay the interest and other charges on your debts on the date agreed with your creditors, and pay what is required.
  4. Only borrow up to 70% of your credit limit. If your credit limit on your credit card is £200 then spend up to £140 and no more. This ensures that your credit report improves and that you are able to be flexible should you be affected by a financial shock.
  5. Don’t apply for any more credit. Don’t apply for a credit card and don’t apply for a loan. Always avoid payday loans—they are socially irresponsible predatory companies.
  6. Once you’ve got your contract, pay it in full. Each month, every month, without fail.
  7. If you cannot keep up with your credit agreements, contracts, utility bills or rent. Contact each company with which you have an agreement and inform them immediately. Then contact a service like the Citizen’s Advice Bureau’s Self-Help Advice Service.

In today’s credit driven world, your credit report is one of the most important pieces of information that exists. Your credit report is vital in order for you to obtain normal contracts such as a mobile phone contract and credit such as a loan, mortgage or credit card. This advice should help you steer clear of renewed failure and slowly improve your credit report—unfortunately for those with poor credit this is a slow process, often taking months even for the most marginal of improvements.

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