GPA Phones

A Socially Responsible Business

As a socially responsible business, we always analyze our customer’s situation with the long and short term in mind.

Therefore we often recommend contracts that might not be exactly what you would like from the mobile phone network. This is because you’re often not an ideal customer for the network. We do this because we are never willing to give our customers mobile phone contracts that they cannot afford. You won’t find yourself in debt because of a contract that we have recommended to you.

We also believe that mobile phone handsets can be environmentally damaging. Because of this we would recommend that you do not get a new phone if you already have one. Furthermore, we would recommend that when the contract we obtained for you is up for renewal, you use an environmentally responsible disposal service.

We are not just environmentally conscious when it comes to mobile phone handsets, we never print off documents unless we are legally mandated to have paper copies. Any paper that we do use is always recycled.

Because all of our data is held on our computer system, we have the most stringent virus protection software and the most up to date firewall. These measures ensure that we never suffer data loss and the information you provide us is always secured.

Our goal is to be a carbon neutral company within the next 12 months. We currently consume more electricity than we would like and we will be updating our IT systems over the coming year to ensure that we use less. Furthermore, we are currently having solar panels installed on the roof of our offices and encourage our employees to take the bus or car share.

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