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Your New Contract

Your new contract is not just a piece of paper that enables you to have a mobile phone contract. It’s a promise: a promise that you will always stick to the agreement made.

Your contract will define how many texts you have each month, how many minutes of phone calls you have each month, and how much data you are permitted to use each month.

We offer 2 types of contracts: the first contract is one where if you exceed the limits of your contract as described above, you will have to pay extra charges; the second type of contract ensures that you cannot break these limits. If you have a limit of 500 texts and you try to send 501, the 501st text will not send. The second type of contract ensures that you never have to pay excess charges. We believe this to be beneficial because we find our customers contracts that they can afford, this doesn’t include the extra and large charges lay down by mobile phone contracts when the contractual limits are exceeded.

Most contracts we offer come with a mobile phone. You’ll be sent a phone in the post and have to sign for it. You must look after this phone, your side of the agreement means that whatever happens to your mobile phone handset, you will have to keep up with the payments. Because phones can be damaged and easily stolen we believe that it is most beneficial for our customers to always obtain insurance, should they wish to obtain insurance we will give them detailed advice on the perfect insurance package for you.

Once you’ve got your contract it is incredibly important to establish a long-lasting and beneficial relationship with your mobile phone network. This means paying your contract on time each and every month, and paying for any extra charges that may be imposed upon you should you exceed your limits. It is your responsibility to cover these charges. Establishing such a relationship is the best way to ensure that come renewal time, you can apply for and obtain the contract that you want.

Over time, paying on time and being a good customer, the amount of texts, minutes and data open to you will increase. This may take up to 24 months, but good customers receive benefits.

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