GPA Phones

What Makes It Work?

It works because we ask from you the exact same information taken by the mobile phone networks when they assess you for a contract. We then ask for more information to support your contract application if needs be.

We perform a credit search just like any creditor, we use this information to create a credit file and mock up a credit score. We then regenerate this credit score based upon each network’s criteria for an ideal customer.

Once we have your credit score for each network, we use our IT system and large database of current mobile phone deals to generate a list of contracts and deals that may interest you. We send this to you and you choose from among them.

Once you have chosen your contract we then factor in the extra financial information that you give us and see if this generates a better credit score for that company. If the regenerated credit score is higher, we will then add it to your information when we submit the application on your behalf.

We apply on your behalf to ensure that the application is successful and completed in full, with extra information if we believe this to be necessary. We don’t guarantee 100% success, this is because our applications are submitted directly to the credit teams of the mobile phone networks, and we bypass the automated system that normally rejects bad or no credit applications. A human being rather than a computer system then assesses your application.

Unfortunately, the person that assesses your application is not an employee of GPA phones and we cannot ensure that they approve it; though we believe that they will most likely approve it because of the excellent application we will submit on your behalf.

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