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We specialise in providing you with a mobile phone contract, if you've got a bad credit rating.

Are you eligible?

If you have bad credit and you're looking for a mobile phone contract, then you're eligible.

However we split our customers into two groups:

Group 1:

  • You've got a poor credit history or you've never had credit before
  • You've never been declared bankrupt or had any CCJ's placed against you
  • You don't have large debts from credit cards, secured loans, or unsecured loans. This excludes mortgages.
  • You may have applied for credit and been denied recently, but no more than 3 attempts.
  • Your salary is above £9000 per annum, or £750 per calendar month.

Group 2:

  • You've got a bad credit history from previous credit.
  • You may have been declared bankrupt or had CCJ's imposed upon you by a court.
  • You may have large debts from credit cards, secured loans, or unsecured loans. This excludes mortgages.
  • You may have applied for credit and been denied recently-this may exceed 3 attempts.
  • Your salary is below £9000 per annum, or £750 per calendar month.

When filling out the application form you will be asked to which group you belong. This helps us to properly assess you and support your application.

What do we do?

If you have bad credit, you simply send us in an application. We split you into two groups using the information above and assess your applications with slightly different criteria. Your application is then processed and we use our comprehensive database to find the ideal network and contract band for you. Once we've found the contract band we contact you with your options, including the minutes you would like, the texts you would like and the data allowance you would like.

At this point, we will apply for a credit report. We then support your application by running your detailed financial information and credit report through our system. If you are in our first group we only add extra information to your report if it is necessary, for those in our second group, we always support your application in full. This system compares you to the ideal contract holder of that you've been matched too. This system gives us a score, we then use this score, and the report that we generate to support your application.

What we need

From you, we need the following information, so please have it ready when you fill out the application:

  • Your Title, First Name, Initials, Last Name, and Any Previous Names in Full
  • Your gross annual income: if you are paid monthly please times the figure you receive times 12. Please do not include bonuses or income that varies in this figure. If you're self-employed please give us the annual income for the previous year that you declared on your SA100 (main tax return).
  • Your Date of Birth, Place/Country of Birth
  • Your National Insurance Number
  • You present address and your 3 previous addresses or your previous addresses in the last 6 years, whichever is longest.
  • A contact telephone number and an email address

Our Guarantee:

At GPA Phones, we never make false promises, and we never let our customers down.

In order to ensure that we never disappoint you by promising more than we can deliver: we do not guarantee to find you a mobile phone contract.

We do guarantee however to find you a contract for which you'll be approved. For you it's easy, we do all the legwork!

We use your financial and other information to find you a contract and we pledge that this contract will be the best contract for your financial situation. We will never advise you in a way that could affect you detrimentally. Your credit report won't suffer because you'll be approved, as long as you choose the contract we offer.

We offer impartial, individually tailored suggestions: the contracts that we offer are ones for which you'll be accepted. However you're never under an obligation to follow our advice. Should you choose to reject our suggestions however we will not be able to process your contract for you and will not support your application

While we can't guarantee you no credit check mobile phones like other providers such as 247 Phone keep on promising, we are the closest that you will ever find.

Matching your needs to financial history

If you have a bad credit history and you would like a mobile phone contract, we're the business that you've been missing. We ask for enough information to properly assess you and then we will contact you. We will contact you with a range of options from among which you will need to decide. We would suggest that once you have applied, you then look at the contracts you would like. A service like uSwitch's mobile phone deal comparison tool can help you find the kind of deal you would like. If you do this, you'll then be able to pick one of the contracts that we offer you with ease. You don't even have to give up your phone. We offer a range of sim-only contracts and can find the perfect one for you, if you would like it. If you want a new phone and a new contract but you've already got a mobile number programmed into the phones of all your friends and family, we will ease the transition to your new contract by transitioning your mobile phone number over to your new contract, and your new phone. The best thing about GPA Phones is that our service is entirely free for you, our customer.

GPA Phone

GPA Phones is the UK's number one no credit mobile phone contract finding service. We guarantee our customers the best support, the best applications and the best customer service team to inform our customers of the status of their application. As a small, friendly, team we not only have the best contract finding provision but excellent customer service. Our staff are always polite, always knowledgeable and always get the job done.

Submit your application today and we'll get started straight away.

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